Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Allergy Free!

I was super excited when I was asked to attend the #AllergyFace event in Macy's Herald Square sponsored by Zyrtec! As an allergy sufferer myself this event was super helpful because it showed me how to accentuate my eyes when I have my stuffy red nose, and the best part about it was that it was held at the Benefit counter! Who doesn't love the Primed and Poreless Primer or the They're Real Mascara? Even more beautiful were the flowers at the annual Macy's Flower show where the store is decorated with beautiful rare flowers from floor to ceiling.Thank you Zyrtec, Macy's and benefit for the amazing experience.

Yo estaba muy emocionada cuando me pidieron asistir al evento #AllergyFace en Herald Square de Macy's patrocinado por Zyrtec! Como una persona que sufre de alergia, este evento fue súper útil, ya que me enseñó a acentuar los ojos cuando tengo mi nariz roja y congestionada. Lo mejor de todo fue que se llevó a cabo en el mostrador de Benefit ¿Quién no ama el Primed and Poreless Primer o el They're Real Mascara? Aún más hermoso eran las flores en el Flower show anual de Macy's donde la tienda está decorada con hermosas flores exóticas de piso a techo. Gracias a Zyrtec, Macy's y Benefit por la experiencia increíble.

The benefit counter in Macy's Herald Square 



What I got in my goody bag 

 benefit goody bag

Benefit makeup
Benefit blush brush
Benefit lengthening mascara


Monday, March 3, 2014


Las Fabulosas: Beauty & Style

Latina Beauty

    By Jasmine Clemente for Las Fabulosas


 Latinas are known for dramatic beauty. Whether you prefer an effortless glow or brick-red and Hollywood-ready lips, sporting either one of these looks is sure to have you turning heads.

Red Carpet
1. To achieve a stunning red-carpet presence, keep your face flawless by applying full-coverage foundation that won’t gather in your fine lines or wrinkles.

2. For maximum drama, cleanse and prime lashes with a solution, apply black liquid eyeliner and then glue on individual lash extensions.

3. Apply a shimmery light-gray eye shadow directly underneath your eyebrows, and then blend a darker color on the bottom for a smoky look.

4. Show off your lips with a moisturizing matte-finish lipstick in a stunning red color.

Telenovela Hair

A telenovela-high ponytail will keep those loose strands away from your face at work and can easily transition to a fun night on the town. How to do it:

1. Bend forward and flip your hair over. Work a small dab of hair cream that straightens and smoothens out frizz, and then brush it out.

2. Next, gather hair in your hands as high as you can, securing with a tight elastic band. Voila!

3. Don’t forget, your face is on display! For a simple and beautiful glow, apply an eye cream with a touch of concealer, and brush a light bronzer on your cheeks.

Natural Shine

For a standout spring look, play with color.

1. Start by dusting a rose-colored blush at the center of your cheeks with a makeup brush.

2. Open up your eyes with a light layer of mascara. If your lashes are straight, try a curling brush; if they’re thin, use a volumizing brush that maximizes each lash individually.

3. Glide on a glittery pink gloss just before you leave. Don’t forget to blow yourself a kiss on the way out the door!

Jasmine Clemente  is a former beauty specialist who now writes about beauty and lifestyle for publications such as Latino y Style Magazine, Velvet Addiction, and Natural Awakenings. Her articles have previously appeared in Las Fabulosas.

 Photo: Getty Images


Friday, February 21, 2014

Mellow Yellow Curly Furly

Day 3 in sunny Florida and I'm enjoying every bit of the warm weather and sun. Unfortunately my hair isn't, it didn't take long for my hair to cave into the humidity and curl. My hair which usually in the cold NY weather stays silky smooth is now a beautiful curly mess. In the cold my curls are never as full or pretty but with the temperate here it is full of volume and a bit out of control. 

               What I'm wearing: 
        Shorts: boutique store $20.00
          Shirt: boutique store 17.99
                     Shoes: f21